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The purpose of the FREE 7-Day Challenge: 

  • The purpose of the 7-Day Challenge is to break up the fallow ground of the heart and mind. This is important because there must be a shift in mindset if progress is going to be made in the journey to addressing weigth woes.
  • These videos will prepare the body, heart, mind, &&spirit for change. A caterpillar must create a cocoon if it is going to transform into a butterfly. This challenge will help establish a cocoon of truth that is the first step of changing. 

What this Challenge Is Not:  

  • This challenge is not focused on a diet program, an exercise program, or a weight loss program. 
  • This challenge does not address the common methods to overcoming weight woes that are generally taught by counselors, dieticians, or personal trainers. In other words, this is not a diet or workout program.
  • Altered Appetite does not teach a biblical eating plan of what to eat and what not to eat.  

What this Challenge Is:  

  • This challenge is about imparting biblically based truths to Christians that will teach them how to alter the appetite of their flesh and replace it with a new hunger for God. 
  • We teach Christians how to alter their appetites, change their relationship with food, and address their weight woes.  

How The Challenge Works:  

  • This is a video-based challenge. Each day, we will email out a link so you can watch the video. After you watch the video you will be presented with a daily call to action.  

How You Can Get Started:  

  • Just click on the Signup Me Up Button below to start your journey today.  

Make Sure You Get Our Emails:  

  • One last important note, to ensure that you receive the daily challenge videos, add us to your safe sender list. The emails will be coming from

God Bless, and we cannot wait to hear about the process that God starts in your life during this 7-Day Challenge. 


Interested to learn more about what we do? Excited to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we operate? Want to talk to someone on our awesome team?  

Feel free to reach out with any and all inquiries. Fill out the contact form, and someone will be in touch in 1-2 business days. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 


Here you can learn about Our Team, about Booking Doug & Leah, and Our Community. We also encourage you to visit the Who We Are section and watch our 7 Part Video Series to learn the Key Driving Factors that push us to reach our destiny.



Visit the sections below to learn more about Our Team, How to Book Doug, and our Amazing Community.


Want to learn more about the Altered Appetite Team and The Apostolic Team that we opperate under? Visit this section to learn more about each of our team members and our covering.



Interested in Booking Doug & Leah for a weekend conference, speaking enagement, or to minister in your church? Visit this section to learn more about their schedule and availability. 


We have an amazing community. The Altered Appetite Community is a safe place where we support one another on our journey. Vistit this section to learn more about our Community.

Who We Are Videos Series

Who We Are - Our Mission (Video 1 of 7)

Altered Appetite's Mission Statement: We empower Christians to break free from addiction by strengthening their appetite for God.

Learn more about us at the following: Our Website: Our Facebook Page: Our Learning Platform:

Who We Are - Our Vision (Video 2 of 7)

Altered Appetite's Vision Statement: To become the #1 resource for Christians to break any type of addiction.  

Learn more about us at the following: Our Website: Our Facebook Page: Our Learning Platform:

Who We Are - Our Methods (Video 3 of 7)

Altered Appetite's Methods: We teach, coach, and mentor believers to conquer the root cause of addiction with truth, power, and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Learn more about us at the following: Our Website: Our Facebook Page: Our Learning Platform:

Who We Are - Our Process (Video 4 of 7)

Altered Appetite's Process: Identity - answer the question who you are Source - answer the question whose you are Purpose - answer the question what is my purpose Potential - answer the question what are you capable of Destiny - answer the question why you were created  

Learn more about us at the following: Our Website: Our Facebook Page: Our Learning Platform:

Who We Are - Our Goals (Video 5 of 7)

Altered Appetite's Goals: Have 100,000+ members of our App by the end of 2020 Launch our Learning Platform by the end of July 2019 Increase our YouTube Channel Subscribers to 250,000+ by 2021 Host our first Live Conference on July 6th, 2019 Launch the Altered Appetite Podcast by October 2019 Secure a Major TV Interview by March 2020  

Learn more about us at the following: Our Website: Our Facebook Page: Our Learning Platform:

Who We Are - Our Values (Video 6 of 7)

Altered Appetite's Values: Altered Appetite is different than any other addiction-based organization because we will not put a new spin on a “worldly solution” for a breakthrough. Here we offer authentic leadership, personal breakthrough, true transformation, fresh, relevant revelation, prophetic insight, private community support, and progressive teachings that shift the heart & mind of the believer.

Learn more about us at the following: Our Website: Our Facebook Page: Our Learning Platform:

Who We Are - Our People (Video 7 of 7)

Altered Appetite's People: Our ideal person is someone who wants to STOP: • watching their spiritual life diminish into non-existence • feeling powerless, hopeless, fearful, & shameful about their addiction • trying conventional programs that only focus on behavior modification

Learn more about us at the following: Our Website: Our Facebook Page: Our Learning Platform:


Are you fighting your weight woes alone? If so, you should know that states that 80% of individuals that try to lose weight on their own not only fail to do so, but end up gaining even more weight back.

Altered Appetite has an amazing private support community. We do live teaching sessions and live breakthrough sessions. Our community members are way more active than most private community (65%-80% more active than most communities). 

Do you need accountability? We have you covered. You will no only get support from the Altered Appetite Team, but the community as well (individuals that started right where you are now, but have since experienced breakthrough).

Many of our members have be walking with us for over 10 months and have gone through over 100+ hours of teachings lessons and lives support sessions. They are experiencing breakthroughs and supernatural results on their journey and are ready to help you!!!


Even Lions Are Smart Enough To Hunt In Packs

One of the Core Altered Appetite teachings is about the Power of the Pack. Here is a 10 minute video that I wanted to share with you that covers this core teaching and why it is so vitually important that you do not try to fight the fight alone.


Intrested In Booking Doug & Leah?

More info coming soon. Until this page is updated, please use our contact for to request a booking.


The Altered Appetite Team

Powerful Anointed Leadership


Doug is a 30+ year food addict who reached a max weight of 420 lbs. in September 2017. God started a revival fire within him, and he now teaches the biblical truths that he used to change his relationship with food and address his weight woes. He moves prophetically and God uses him to call forth dormant destinies within God's people. Get ready for the yoke breaking anointing. Doug specializes in helping address the stronghold of food in individual's lives. God uses him mightily to impart the same truths and anointing in others that changed his life and ignited a revival fire within him. If you are hungry for revival, but at the same time, realize you are not ready or positioned for revival, we invite you to join us on the journey. Together we will be rebuilding the altar of God and pour ourselves out until we are empty, so His fire can fall once again.


Doug's wife Leah is a powerful part of the Altered Appetite teachings and live sessions. She adds so much value and life to the revival fires that we see breaking out in the hearts of God's people. She has a very amazing testimony of how God altered her appetite and brought healing from PCOS. She is a true Proverbs 31 woman of God who operates powerfully in Godly wisdom. Leah is also very gifted in social media marketing and management and runs her own business.


David and Dee McDonald have dedicated their lives to build networks for the Kingdom. Originally from South Africa, David and Dee attended the Rhema Bible School and graduated with a certificate of Ministry. David flows in a dynamic prophetic gift and along with Dee has served as Senior Pastors of churches in South Africa, Australia and the United States. David has traveled to over 40 nations, teaching and training church leaders. He has founded training centers in South Africa, Uganda and Kenya that supports national pastors and hosts an annual conference where over 500 National Pastors receive much needed ministry and refreshment. Over the years David has been asked to father many Pastors. Recently David has been assisting churches to become apostolic centers. David and Dee serve as Network Apostles with North Charleston Apostolic Center and along with assisting to build a new wine network in the Apostolic Reformation also offers Schools of the Prophetic and Apostolic. Doug has been walking in close relationship with David and Dee for over 25 years and now operates under their apostolic covering.

Want To Learn More About How You Can Partner With Altered Appetite?

We are constantly looking for individuals, pastors, and businesses that would like to partner with us to help facilitate the greatest outpouring of revival that that the earth has ever seen. It all begins with personal revival and reformation. Altered Appetite is helping change the world by reaching one individual at a time.

What Is Stopping You From Starting Your Journey To Freedom?

Take Our FREE 7-DAY Challenge

What Is Stopping You From Starting Your Journey To Freedom?

Take Our FREE 7-DAY Challenge

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